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oEmbed API

oEmbed is an open standard for embedding content into a website. You can use the URL of any Inoreader article to obtain the embed code for that article.

Further information about oEmbed can be found on the oEmbed homepage.

API Endpoint

You can use the API endpoint to request the embed code for an article from its URL.

Request parameters:

Example of Request:

Example Responses:

XML response
    <author_name>Ars Technica</author_name>
    <title>John Wick Ch. 2: The righteous violence we so desperately need right now</title>
        <iframe src="" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="position:absolute;overflow-x:hidden;border:none;max-width:1000px;max-height:1200px;display:block;width:100%;height:100%;"></iframe>
JSON response
    "type": "rich",
    "version": "1.0",
    "provider_name": "Inoreader",
    "provider_url": "",
    "author_name": "Ars Technica",
    "title": "John Wick Ch. 2: The righteous violence we so desperately need right now",
    "url": "",
    "width": "1000",
    "height": "1200",
    "html": "<iframe src=\"\" scrolling=\"yes\" frameborder=\"0\" allowtransparency=\"true\" style=\"position:absolute;overflow-x:hidden;border:none;max-width:1000px;max-height:1200px;display:block;width:100%;height:100%;\"></iframe>"


Inoreader supports the discovery of the oEmbed URL.
Each article page contains two link tags with the types 'application/json+oembed' and 'text/xml+oembed' containing the URLs for JSON and XML oEmbed responses.

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